Dental decay is caused by a bacterial infection in the teeth from a bacteria called Streptococcus mutans. The bacteria grow inside your mouth, and when you can feel them (that fuzzy feeling on your teeth) the buildup is called plaque. If the plaque isn’t brushed off frequently enough, the bacteria eat what you eat and produce acid. Decay is when that acid makes holes in your teeth through which the bacteria infect your teeth. A cavity is where the decay undermines the enamel of your tooth and the tooth breaks in on itself. Even if the tooth hasn’t broken in on itself, if there is decay present, it needs to be removed and the tooth restored. The only way to find out if you have decay is to have a dental exam with proper radiographs done in a dental office.


Teeth before and after treatment - dental composite filling.
Before and after composite fillings.

      Many of our patients are pleasantly surprised to find out that many fillings can be done without a shot. Unfortunately however, sometimes shots are unavoidable, but Dr.’s Mogle and Jouett will do the best to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. We can restore decay with composite (tooth colored or white fillings). If your teeth are sensitive (especially to cold, heat or pressure) that could be a sign of much more severe problems, and a root canal therapy (or endodontics) might be needed. These visits can be longer, so if necessary, our office also provides oral sedation services to make you feel more comfortable. If you think you need a filling or you have questions, call Smile Restorations today at 979-846-1121 for an exam and let Doctors Mogle and Jouett evaluate your overall oral health and explain what treatment options are available to you.