Dentures / Partials / Repairs

     Dentures have been around for centuries and have been made from everything from wood to metal. Today, our dentures are made out of a high-tech resin base with a lightweight acrylic overlay. This give the best possible fit and wear attributes with the best possible esthetics. Partial Dentures are a fantastic, affordable way to replace multiple missing teeth and restore function and esthetics.

      We are also happy to reline or repair your dentures. Sometimes things break, and when they do, we can repair your dentures, partials, and flippers. In most cases we can have them back to you on the same day! If you need a denture or partial or if you have questions, call Smile Restorations today at 979-846-1121 for an exam and let Doctors Mogle and Jouett evaluate your overall oral health and explain what treatment options are available to you.


A set of dentures on a shiny white background