Sometimes, when fillings aren’t strong enough to restore a tooth, a filling is too big or worn out, a root canal has been done on a tooth or when esthetics dictate, a crown can restore a tooth to full function without fear of it breaking further. If a filling extends more than one-third the surface of the tooth, or the tooth is inherently weak or cracking (such as after a root canal), a crown is needed. A crown (sometimes called a “cap”) is a metal, porcelain or zirconia tooth-shaped covering that is bonded to the tooth and will help hold the tooth together. Our crowns are typically done in two short visits. At the first visit, the tooth is prepared for the crown, an impression is made, and a temporary crown is fabricated to temporarily restore the tooth until the permanent crown is made. At the second visit, about one to two weeks later, the temporary crown is removed and the permanent crown is bonded into place.

 closeup for dental onlay on a molar tooth shown on a plaster model

      These visits can be longer, so if necessary, our office also provides oral sedation services to make you feel more comfortable. If you need a crown or if you have questions, call Smile Restorations today at 979-229-1121 for an exam and let Doctors Mogle and Jouett evaluate your overall oral health and explain what treatment options are available to you.