Patients, both children and adults, should have a regular dental cleaning and exam every six months to remove any buildup of calculus or tartar that can negatively impact your periodontal (gum) health as well as to identify any possible problems. At Smile Restorations, we not only want to help you get your smile back in order, we want you to keep it that way! At each cleaning appointment, our gentle and highly trained dental hygienists will assure that you are well taken care of.  Doctor Mogle or Doctor Jouett will be there personally to answer any questions you may have as well as assess your overall oral health. This ensures you will not only get the best cleaning possible, but also the correct treatment plan that is tailored just for you. Call Smile Restorations today at 979-846-1121 to make an appointment for an exam with Doctors Mogle and Jouett and a cleaning by one of our great hygienists.