When a tooth is missing, whether it is in the front of the mouth or the back (and a single tooth implant is out of the question) a bridge (otherwise known as a fixed partial denture) can be an effective treatment option. A bridge is a fixed dental restoration that is not removable where the missing tooth is replaced by attaching an artificial tooth to the adjacent teeth with crowns or implants thereby “bridging” the gap. Bridges can be made so that the teeth look so natural that they are not able to be detected by anyone other than you or your dentist. Bridges are a great way to restore chewing function and esthetics. These appointments can be longer, so if necessary, our office also provides oral sedation services to make you feel more comfortable. If you think a bridge would work for you or if you have questions, call Smile Restorations today at 979-846-1121 for an exam and let Doctors Mogle and Jouett evaluate your overall oral health and explain what treatment options are available to you.

 Dental tooth bridge