Psychological Benefits to Cosmetic Dentistry

cosmetic dentistryCosmetic dentistry is an area that focuses more on giving you a bright, beautiful smile. While other areas of dentistry focus more on the function of teeth, cosmetic services specialize in appearance. We have found that it has a strong effect on the way people feel about themselves. There are many psychological benefits to cosmetic dentistry that go beyond the dentist chair.


More Confidence


The way a person acts is directly linked to how they feel about themselves. This applies to appearance. When people feel like they look great, their confidence is much higher. More confidence has been shown to improve personal feelings, social lives, and even job situations. These all piggy-back off of the psychological benefits of feeling great.


Our patients leave the office with a beautiful smile, which leads to them smiling more and being happier. Happy, confident people are self-assured when negative situations arise. They feel more generous and sure of themselves, which changes the way they approach problems. Self-love also adjusts when confidence is present, leading to a more forgiving and patient outlook towards oneself.


Social lives revolve around people who influence others. Positive, confident people who smile more draw others in, because happiness is infectious. You may find yourself going out more with friends, dating more often, or no longer avoiding talking to coworkers.


Companies take notice and hire applicants more often that are willing and able to do the job. Great looks are also something people associate with successful people. First impressions are everything and having a beautiful smile makes you feel more powerful and successful. It’s also common for a hiring manager to give preference to someone who is sure they can do the job, rather than someone who approaches the interview with a timid and unhappy demeanor.


Healthier Habits


One of the most common procedures done for cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening. There are stains constantly attacking teeth and making them discolored, like smoking, coffee, wine, soda pop, and more. Once a smile is brightened, patients tend to want to protect the look of their teeth and often stop smoking and try to decrease their intake of alcohol and sugary drinks. When individuals start drinking more milk and water, they feel better and their health improves.


Healthier habits reach beyond the whitening part of the smile. When you feel good and more confident, you tend to take better care of your body overall. Feeling attractive is more than how you look, it’s how you feel and how you treat your body. We have seen so many patients start exercising and taking better care of their hygiene when they start feeling more confident. This is a spiraled effect that starts reaching all aspects of health because once you start doing better in one area, you expand the efforts to every part of life.


What Are You Waiting For?


No matter what kind of smile you were born with, we can help improve it. We would love to see you leave our office feeling more confident and willing to smile. Improving your smile really does improve your life. Call us today to see what we can do to give you the picture-perfect smile.